Painting of 2 playful fish in a blue ocean.

Mail Art painting in ink, color pencil, and acrylic for Kaz in Japan. 5 x 7 inches. 2015

Seascape by Honoria Starbuck from Fauxcean Series

Lord Byron's Rapture
"There is a rapture on the lonely shore," from Childe Harold
Fauxcean Seascape by Honoria Starbuck
6 x 8.5 inches. Acrylic on 140 lb Strathmore watercolor paper

iPad drawing of European White Stork at the San Antonio Zoo in Spring 2014.

iPad drawing of European White Stork at the San Antonio Zoo in Spring 2014.

Drawing of blooming limbs of poinciana tree.

Poinciana tree in bloom in Miami Beach 2015. Ink and watercolor on rough watercolor paper. 5x7 inches.

Digital Drawing of geometric black dress on abstract model.
Quick sketch of fashion figure in skull mask.

This drawing was on trip to Big Bertha's Paradise, a great vintage store in Austin. My students were invited by Big Bertha's fashion genius, Henry Tarin, to style mannequins then draw from photos of their looks. The visit took place during Day of the Dead celebrations so students used skeleton masks in their styles. I did this demo drawing to show how to indicate a pleated skirt.

Circle of ink wash around a rubber stamp impression with the text

Mail Art post card on the theme of Eternal Network


This blue eyed painting is inspired by graffiti on a wall in Herrenberg, Germany. Summer 2013. 2.5 x 7 inches.

Painting of 6 fish and 6 sportscars in front of a blue background with a zen circle

Sportscars Underwater series
Acrylic and Chine-collé on Arches acid-free 300 lb 100% rag watercolor paper.
22 x 30 inches. 2013

abstract painting with the words

Arouse and Beware (Walt Whitman) drawing in ink, graphite, and watercolor. 5 x 7 inch on 140 lb watercolor paper.

Acrylic painting of Iris by Honoria Starbuck 2011

Iris in Zilker Gardens, Austin, TX
Acrylic on watercolor paper.
18 x 24 inches

4 panel drawing of a bracelet, a jacket, a helmet and a stop sign.

SXSW Interactive drawing done during the Accelerator session with various new products competing for funding.

Gesture drawing of male figure in loincloth.

Hercules ink gesture of model. 9 x 12 inches on 80 lb. sketch paper.

Rough drawing of bird of paradise flower.

For La Misa de 8 mail art show in Madrid, Spain 2014
Monoprint and acrylic paint
5 x 7 inches on rag printmaking paper.

Ray Johnson bunny cartoon on collaged postcard.

Mail Art postcard sent to Linda Montano for the Art for the Pole project.
Collage, glitter glue, oil pastel, rubber stamp, and gesso on grey card stock paper.

Gesture drawing of three fashion figures in colorful dresses.

Gesture drawing of three fashion figures in colorful dresses background from Paper 53 Mix.

Fashion head profile drawing

Fashion head drawing featuring chiaroscuro lighting. Graphite and conte crayon.

Ink and gesso drawing of growing corn

Ink and gesso drawing of growing corn. 5 x 7 inches on rough watercolor paper.