2 stylized male croquis in patchwork outfits.
digital drawing and photograph collage.

Gus's Fried Chicken lunch and Zen Chicken at SXSW 2017. iPad Pro Paper53 app.

Painting of young corn plant

Acrylic gesso, India ink and shellac based ink on Shizen recycled acid-free 140 lb rough-textured 100% rag watercolor paper. 5 x 7 inches. May 2014

Painting of 6 fish and 6 sportscars in front of a blue background with a zen circle

Sportscars Underwater series
Acrylic and Chine-collé on Arches acid-free 300 lb 100% rag watercolor paper.
22 x 30 inches. 2013

Painting of 2 playful fish in a blue ocean.

Mail Art painting in ink, color pencil, and acrylic for Kaz in Japan. 5 x 7 inches. 2015

Green painted background with bright orange pig stenciled in the middle and the name

Mail Art for Baudhuin Simon, Pig Dada, remembrance mail art show hosted by Anna Boschi in Italy. Stencil and watercolor on 140 lb. rough watercolor paper. 5 x 7 inches. 2015

Pen and ink sketch of Kay Bridge by Honoria

Kay Bridge on her front porch in Toronto with Red the dog and the cat. 8.25 x 5/5 inches on sketchbook page with Rapidograph technical pen -- You had to shake the pen all the time to keep flowing. Unsigned drawing by Honoria, 1978

India Ink chicken with rubber stamp text.

"What! Zen Chicken" is an india ink wash drawing with rubber stamps added. 7 x 5 inches For Sale Saatchi Art Portfolio

Red background with dark silhouette of rooster.

Vermilion Zen Chicken Layers of red paint with dark chicken silhouette. 5 x 7 inches on 140 lb. watercolor paper

Drawing of 3 fashion figures.

Three fashion figures based on what I wear each day. In fashionary sketchbook. Ink and watercolor.

Ink drawing of red poppy flower with green foliage.

Ink drawing of red poppy flower with green foliage. 5 x 7 inch on 140 lb rough watercolor paper. For Sale Saatchi Art Portfolio


John Rousseau at SXSW 2016 Augmented Reality

Rough drawing of bird of paradise flower.

For La Misa de 8 mail art show in Madrid, Spain 2014
Monoprint and acrylic paint
5 x 7 inches on rag printmaking paper.

Watercolor painting of woman's face in a mask with Ray Johnson stamps on it.

Mail Art for the Mask show in Belgium. Pencil, ink, watercolor and rubber stamps on cold pressed watercolor paper. 5x7 inches. 2015

Orange koi fish and water lily on gray-green backgound

Koi fish in pod drawn in Zilker Park Botanical Gardens in Austin, TX with Paper53 App on the iPad


Breaking Beauty: Disruptive Technology and Cosmetics with Adriana Coppola SXSW Interactive 2016

Black rooster with human eye.

Rooster with human eye rubber stamp. Hommage to Man Ray's Unbreakable Object. 22x30 inches