Queer Style: Visual Activism and Fashion's Fronteir with Aja Aguirre, Sonny Oram, Leon Wu and Anita Dolce Vita. SXSW Interactive 2016


This blue eyed painting is inspired by graffiti on a wall in Herrenberg, Germany. Summer 2013. 2.5 x 7 inches.

Painting of 6 fish and 6 sportscars in front of a blue background with a zen circle

Sportscars Underwater series
Acrylic and Chine-collé on Arches acid-free 300 lb 100% rag watercolor paper.
22 x 30 inches. 2013

Simple drawing of graphite lines showing forms of corn plant.

Young Corn in Texas
Graphite lines with acrylic wash
5 x 7 inches 140 lb on Strathmore hot-presssed acid-free cotton water color paper.

Black and white ink drawing of a rooster with a rubber stamp half sphere on his head and the word

"My My Zen Chicken" is an india ink wash drawing with rubber stamps added. 7 x 5 inches on rag paper. For Sale Saatchi Art Portfolio

Digital sketch of a zen monk.

Zen monk drawn on a visit to the Dallas Museum of Art using the Paper53 app on the iPad.
Fall 2013

Figure sketch of burlesque dancer.

Red Burlesque. India ink and watercolor on 140 lb. Indian rag paper 14x10 inches

Green painted background with bright orange pig stenciled in the middle and the name

Mail Art for Baudhuin Simon, Pig Dada, remembrance mail art show hosted by Anna Boschi in Italy. Stencil and watercolor on 140 lb. rough watercolor paper. 5 x 7 inches. 2015

Bright orange seascape with red sportscar.

Stingray with Jellyfish. 2013. 19 x 24
Chine-collé and stencil with watercolor, acrylic, and printing ink on 140 lb. watercolor paper.

India ink drawing of a chicken leaning to the left.

India ink drawing of a chicken leaning to the left. 5 x 7 inches on 140 lb rag paper. For Sale at Saatchi Art Portfolio

Turquoise chicken on a world map printed on newspaper with border of marching ant drawings.

Starbuck and Stovall's collaboration for Yoko Ono installation at the Museum of Modern Art, November 2017. New York Times page with acrylic paint and color pencil.

Orange koi fish and water lily on gray-green backgound

Koi fish in pod drawn in Zilker Park Botanical Gardens in Austin, TX with Paper53 App on the iPad

Chinese goldfish digital drawing by Honoria Starbuck

Chinese goldfish digital drawing by Honoria Starbuck using the ZenBrush app on the iPad.

Rough drawing of bird of paradise flower.

For La Misa de 8 mail art show in Madrid, Spain 2014
Monoprint and acrylic paint
5 x 7 inches on rag printmaking paper.

Seascape by Honoria Starbuck from Fauxcean Series

Apology to John Marin
Fauxcean by Honoria Starbuck
5 x 7 inches. Acrylic on 140 lb rough watercolor paper

Honoria Startuck's gouache painting of wild sunflowers in Texas.

Wild sunflowers in the Texas spring. Pleine air gouache gesture drawing 30 x 22 inches.

He knew Brancusi

Sketch from a 2015 lecture at the Blanton Museum of Art about Elsworth Kelly.

Post card with brown chicken and red comb.

Painting of zen chicken on postcard with collage label sent to Kaz in Japan for the year of the Rooster.