Hot Pink Ink 2021 5x7 inch painting on hot press watercolor paper - sold.

Loose wiskey painting of cocktail drink on a bar. 5x7 on hot press watercolor paper.

Golden light of sun setting in a day with heavy cloud cover and light rain. 7x5 inch painting in India ink and acrylic gouache on rough watercolor paper.

Ink and wash abstract drawing indicating heavy cloud cover.

Heavy clouds over Marfa the weekend Hurricane Harvey hit Houston. Ink and wash on rough watercolor paper.

Watercolor and ink sketch of White Dome Geyser erupting in Yellowstone National Park 2018. 7 x 5 inches on Strathmore hot press watercolor paper.

Watercolor painting of a small prismatic spring in Yellowstone National Park. 7 x 5 inches.

The Window in Big Bend, TX. 7x5 inch watercolor, ink, and gouache painting.

iPad Paper Zoom portrait of workshop facilitator. Undoing Racism 2020

Model with raptor mask in 3-minute life drawing pose. Paper53 app on iPad.

Burlesque Dancer model at Dr. Sketchy 2016 drawn with Paper 53 App on iPad

Life Drawing with 4 models at Dr. Sketchy Austin. Naked Girls Reading Books burlesque dancers. Paper53 digital drawing on iPad

Gus's Fried Chicken lunch and Zen Chicken at SXSW 2017. iPad Pro Paper53 app.

Model in cowboy pose in 3-minute gesture drawing. Paper53 drawing on iPad.

Zen Circle Dynamo 2012
Ink and acrylic painting on 140 lb. watercolor paper. 15 x 22 inches
Painting features gold burnished surface rubbed with iridescent acrylic glaze. In collection of Jason Senko

Stingray with Jellyfish. 2013. 19 x 24
Chine-collé and stencil with watercolor, acrylic, and printing ink on 140 lb. watercolor paper.

Sportscars Underwater series
Acrylic and Chine-collé on Arches acid-free 300 lb 100% rag watercolor paper.
22 x 30 inches. 2013

Surf. Gouache painting on 300 lb. watercolor paper. 2010

In loving and laughing memory of my dear friend, Kay.
Acrylic on Arches acid-free, 140 lb, 100% rag watercolor paper.
5 x 7 inches. March 2014

Girls with Guns. Gesture drawing from live model. India ink gouache and pastel. 20 x 16 inches.

Teaching gesture with model and students. Water soluble graphite on sketchbook paper. 5 x 7 inches.

Female nude created with Zen Brush on iPad2 2012

Model wearing shirt with stencil of female nude life drawing by Honoria.