It was midnight after the show. The flaneuse and her consort stopped by the East Austin Food Trailer for dinner. The Zen Chicken posed with the Food Truck Sculpture. It's a Red Wrap.

iPad drawing with #Paper53 app. Hot summer night Photo and Drawing by Honoria Starbuck 2017.

This confrontation takes place in a rest stop parking lot near France/Germany border in the Summer of 2017. The chicken thought the car was cool until he saw the logo.

Photo of car and drawing of chicken by Honoria Starbuck using iPad Pro and Paper53 app.

While driving through France we visited the UNITÉ D'HABITATION (REZÉ-LÈS-NANTES) building by Le Corbusier in color collaboration with Fernand Leger. The exhibit in the building was about the design of the use of color inside and on the exterior of the building. As part of the educational section of the exhibit there was a color-changeable Fernand Leger painting. Our friendly Zen Chicken just had to get involved. This composition is in 2 layers. First is a photo of the Leger as a background layer for the chicken drawn with the Paper53 roller shape tool. I am integrating the 21st century Zen Chicken into different art historical settings.

If you go to this building go to the very far end of the 2nd floor and if you are lucky there will be a volunteer docent to show you around. We were lucky and learned a lot about this amazing place off the beaten track.

Gus's Fried Chicken lunch and Zen Chicken at SXSW 2017. iPad Pro Paper53 app.

Digital Drawing with Peper 53 App on the iPad. Santa Cruz Beach December, 2016

Model with raptor mask in 3-minute life drawing pose. Paper53 app on iPad.

Model in cowboy pose in 3-minute gesture drawing. Paper53 drawing on iPad.

Burlesque Dancer model at Dr. Sketchy 2016 drawn with Paper 53 App on iPad

Acrobats dancing and posing at Dr. Sketchy in Austin, TX. Paper53 iPad drawing.

President Obama @SXSW Interactive 2016

Queer Style: Visual Activism and Fashion's Fronteir with Aja Aguirre, Sonny Oram, Leon Wu and Anita Dolce Vita. SXSW Interactive 2016

Can Austin Rule the AI World? Amir Husain, Doreen Lorenzo, Akshay Sabhikhi, Manoj Saxena. SXSW Interactive 2016

Form Follows Me: Design for No UI Experience with Jared Finklin. SXSW Interactive 2016

Sketch from a 2015 lecture at the Blanton Museum of Art about Elsworth Kelly.

Digital drawing of bronze sculpture Great Horse by Duchamp Villon. Houston, October 2015

Mirror/Mirror Fashion Sketch. iPad Pro Paper53 app.

Fashion figure gesture drawing on Paper 53 Mix.

Gesture drawing of three fashion figures in colorful dresses background from Paper 53 Mix.

Three fashion figures carved with the eraser from a Paper 53 Mix drawing.

Sketch of actress playing a Russian heroine in a film. Seen in a bar, film unknown. 2015

Female nude created with Zen Brush on iPad2 2012

Zen Brush iPad 2 drawing from Naked Lunch Austin life drawing

Chinese goldfish digital drawing by Honoria Starbuck using the ZenBrush app on the iPad.

iPad sketch from the San Antonio zoo aviary done with the Paper53 app. 2013

Koi fish in pod drawn in Zilker Park Botanical Gardens in Austin, TX with Paper53 App on the iPad

Zen monk drawn on a visit to the Dallas Museum of Art using the Paper53 app on the iPad.
Fall 2013